Please can you tell me what to expect

If your massage is at home, I will need enough space to set up

For a table I need about 8ft by 4ft space. I can use a chair or a bed or we can arrange for you to come to me

I will provide the towels, the massage oil, even the relaxing music. However, we can discuss this. With Covid, you may prefer to provide your own towels

For a massage, you only need to wear your underwear. Towels will keep you decent, and you wont have to undress in front of me

I generally use oils. We will discuss which ones, especially as some contain nuts and you may have an allergy

Do you only work on the Fylde Coast?


I cover the surrounding area

I can cover further afield, but there may be a travel charge

If you’re not sure if your area is covered, please feel free to get in touch

Can I still have a massage if I have a skin condition?

This depends on what the skin condition is

If the skin is broken, it is not advisable to have a massage as it may be aggravated by the oil. If the skin condition is contagious then, unfortunately, I can’t provide a massage

The best thing to do is to ask me before you book your massage and I’ll let you know whether or not I can provide a massage

Do you only do massage at home?


I prefer to massage in peoples own homes or workplaces. However, I also have a couple of locations on the Fylde Coast where I can massage you

Are you fully qualified and Insured?


I am a fully qualified massage therapist

I belong to the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists), which is the largest professional association for massage therapists

I am fully insured


I am often asked, usually over the phone, whether I do "extras".  I am more than happy to pray for you before, during and after your massage.  This service comes completely free of charge.